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Adagio! - The Obvious Archives Pt.1 12" EP (Test Press Bundle #1-10) SOLD OUT!


This time around we enlisted art and design specialist Speck The Architek from Greece to not only design the stickers for both the regular records and alternate stickers for the test presses, but also a special treat, hence the higher price. Drawing off today's mail box record culture, we have special custom mailers with really dope artwork composed on them. This is really something special and we're not gonna actually use these mailers to post your records, but will package them inside a sturdier mailer to keep them extra safe so this can be something you can have for a long time.


one hand numbered test pressing (only 10 exist)
alternate sticker art on test press
one regular Adagio Archive record (please write in your paypal invoice whether you want black or blue please)
extra stickers (both original artwork and alternate artwork)
one custom art mailer

Sold Out